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The ask

Develop a new microhotel concept to cater to a new class of travelers who look for functional, considered accommodations with premium property amenities to cater to their active lifestyles.


Travelers’ preference gravitates toward homeshares.

They see homeshares as a better deal than a hotel or see them as a better "experience."

Trends we’re seeing with these experiential travelers:

city destinations

Sees exploring a new city as a vacation, a shift from visiting beaches and resorts

health tourism

Intersects wellness and happiness to combine relaxation with adventures

outdoor adventures

Cities with outdoor adventures are growing in popularity for their affordable experiences

The Weekender

Takes multiple weekend trips versus taking one long annual vacation

The keyword here is experience. To define experience, we can look for how travelers’ passion for traveling is fueled by experiences that allows them to temporarily escape their work lives, connect with themselves or fellow travel companions, and express (whether being shared on social media or by telling someone a story, travel experiences add to someone's personal brand).

The approach & opportunity

Approach: capture those willing to pay more for a better experience by providing an unparalleled experience.

Opportunity: create a microhotel chain meant for travelers age 25-34 looking for a holistic travel experience.


Cater to the Millennial experiential travelers who are hungry to try everything. 


Bridge the gap between the needs of urban-focused travelers and holistic travelers who want to wander city and nature views.


Current microhotel chains offer similar experience in:​​


Includes "party all night" and "more of what you want, none of what you don't" messaging towards urban explorers 


Big cities with high traffic and emphasis on urban experiences


Sleek contemporary with minimal distinctions


Such as bars, rooftop views, gyms, 24/7 snack service, gaming rooms

Rachel (27) sees travel as an opportunity to reflect on her life and grow as a person. Although she’s traveled alone, she doesn’t want to feel isolated while traveling and is likely to participate in community activities or group tours. She lives in Santa Fe and enjoys any trips that involve the outdoors. She likes to go on hikes, journal her thoughts and feelings, does yoga to destress and start her day, and enjoys cold brew in the morning.


Proposed flagship location: Denver, CO​: a domestic travel destination that is growing in popularity and allows Millennials to explore both city and natural wonders.

Other cities that were considered for the flagship or expansion hotels include:

Seattle, WA; Portland, OR; Austin, TX; Sedona, AZ

​No matter where we are, this will make us successful:

​Curating experiences for guests: from adding shuttles to popular venues, creating a list of the best nearby restaurants, or providing the most scenic jogging routes​

box wo outline-03_edited.png

​​​Leaving the city better than we found it: encourage eco-friendly tourism and incorporate green initiatives through the hotel’s construction

Emulating + adding to the city’s culture: each hotel location should seek to infuse each hotel with a taste of the city. Hotels should create experiences that value to the city’s specific culture.

mobile app

Connect to guests in a modernized way by integrating the PIN HOTELS app into their stays. Give guests a reason to download another app: encourage downloading the app before their trip to view hotel guides, excursion packages, quickly check-in, receive any support from staff, and incentivize them to plan another stay.

  • Lobby Lounge & Cafe

  • General Store featuring products from local businesses

  • Wellness Studio

  • Hot Springs Pool

  • The Observatory – rooftop bar and tapas

  • Equipment Rental

The team

Alex Reid - Creative Brand Manager
Kimberly Burgess - Creative Brand Manager
Ellie Proctor - Creative Brand Manager
Anh Nguyen - Creative Brand Manager | m
y role:  research, positioning & strategy, room mock-ups

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