The ask

Develop a new microhotel concept to cater to a new class of travelers who look for functional, considered accommodations with premium property amenities to cater to their active lifestyles.

The team

Alex Reid - Creative Brand Manager
Kimberly Burgess - Creative Brand Manager
Ellie Proctor - Creative Brand Manager
Anh Nguyen - Creative Brand Manager

The concept

Microhotels are intriguing to typical travelers aged 25-34 who do not need much space and are willing to pay more for amenities they value. These travelers yearn for a unique experience when they’re traveling, since traveling allows them to escape their chaotic work lives, connect with a friend or within themselves, and express their stories of traveling. These travelers are also driving new trends within traveling -- they are taking more shorter trips versus one long one, they are viewing exploring a new city as a vacation versus going to beaches or skiing, they are visiting affordable cities with outdoor adventures, and they are driving up health tourism.


PIN Hotels is the perfect opportunity for travelers aged 25-34 who are looking for a holistic travel experience. Located in the LoDo District of Denver, the flagship PIN Hotel is the perfect travel destination for Millennials who want to explore both a city and natural wonder.


There is seamless integration within the PIN Hotels ecosystem from the moment you book your trip to checking out. Our smartphone app is essential to the PIN Hotels experience and acts as a hub for information about the hotel and our offerings, “pinned” local businesses worth trying out, quick check-in/out, easy staff support, room temperature control, TV and Bluetooth control, and most importantly, the app serves as your room key and services tab.


Amenities of PIN Hotels Denver include:

  • General store, located in lobby

  • Coffee shop

  • Wellness studio

  • Hot springs pools

  • The Observatory, a rooftop cocktails and tapas bar and social lounge

  • Luggage storage

  • Bike storage

  • Equipment rentals