morton salt
The ask

Pick brand you had to find at a grocery store. Using the brand idea as a cornerstone, create a store with a working business model that can help build the brand, but is also a functioning, solvent business on its own.

The team

Sheila Villalobos - Strategist
Chandler Saunders - Strategist
Emilee Lampert - Creative Brand Manager
Anh Nguyen - Creative Brand Manager

The concept

Morton Salt is a company with a rich history dating back to 1848. Since their establishment, Morton Salt has become a household name due to their ability to move forward and keep up with consumer trends. However, through all their years, Morton Salt has stayed true to their internal creed of “nothing is more important to Morton Salt than health and safety - not production, not sales, not profit” and maintained their mission of “improving lives and enhancing every day moments. Helping to improve people’s lives in more ways and places than ever before.”


Keeping Morton Salt’s values in mind, we realized Morton Salt isn’t just a salt company, but rather a wellness company that has been “helping improve your life at home and beyond since 1848.”


The Umbrella Wellness Center is a destination spa, located in the Salt District of Chicago, Morton Salt’s hometown. This gives Morton Salt a chance to show consumers (Chicago natives and tourists alike) how salt can benefit them not only as a food, but also as a healer. The Umbrella Wellness Center would follow a rising global demand for spas and give opportunities to adults in the US who are finding ways to improve their health.


Amenities and services of The Umbrella Wellness Center include:

  • Salt water pools

  • Outdoor courtyard

  • Sensory deprivation tanks

  • Salt therapy rooms

  • Salt scrubs

  • Multi-purpose space with retractable walls that can be adjusted to accommodate:

    • Open-floor yoga studio

    • Various wellness workshops

    • Booking for corporate events

  • Cafe offering light fares